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Akashi Kama Hoodie - Fort Snelling, Minnesota (Black)

Akashi Kama Hoodie - Fort Snelling, Minnesota (Black)

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This photo from November 1944 features three recruits to the Women's Army Corps who are beginning their service at the Military Intelligence Service Language School at Fort Snelling, Minnesota. Private Iris Watanabe, Private Sue Agata, and Private Bette Nishimura (from left to right) were new recruits to the Women's Army Corps, which began recruiting Nisei women from incarceration camps in 1944. Their service was invaluable to the war effort as they became interpreters, translators and teachers at the language schools. ""Nisei"" (二世) in kanji is overlaid in gold. Available in Army and Black.

These comfortable, any-season hoodies are made with mid weight fleece, resulting in a generous fit for comfort.

8.5 oz (280 gm) cotton/polyester blend fleece
80% Cotton/20% Polyester
Standard fit

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