Nisei Soldier DVD

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A soldier son returns home to his mother's farm, to help harvest his family's strawberry crop.  One month later this family, along with 120,000 other West Coast Japanese Americans - more than 2/3 of them U.S. citizens - were uprooted, forcibly relocated and imprisoned for the duration of the war.

The moral dilemma facing Americans of Japanese ancestry during World War II of leaving their families imprisoned in "relocation centers," and whether to protest or enlist in the U.S. Army.

Stigmatized as "enemy aliens" at the beginning of the war, these young sons of immigrants - born and raised in America -- were called on to prove their loyalty in the all-Japanese American 442nd Infantry Regiment, which became the "most decorated unit in U.S. military history."

More than a war story, NISEI SOLDIER is a tale about personal honor, family loyalty and love of country, a tale which raises some fundamental questions of what it means to be an "outsider," and what it means to be an "American."

A film by Loni Ding
Vox Productions, Inc.